People are perishing...

People are perishing because of lack on knowledge.

Well just to touch base I have started my fourth cycle of treatment and had my bloods done about a week ago I went from 52388 to 99 where viral load is concerned. This had me excited so much for being nervous when I went for my bloods or reluctant to start treatment. Needless to say I am better adjusted to the treatment, the side effects seem to be in the past.

However to kill my joy is the lack of knowledge in people that will cause people to die. It is heartbreaking, I must say.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine called me in tears saying that she has tested HIV positive and has no one to talk to. (Just by the way she does not know that I am HIV positive.) I was not about to burst her bubble while she is in need and throw my status at her, so I calmly suggested that we visit a Doctor or clinic as soon as humanly possible to find out viral loads and CD4 counts. I explained as much information as I have on disease without giving away my status.

She sounded encouraged and said we could go to the Doctor in a day or two to which I fully understood that this virus lives in her and she needs to acclimatize to having it live in her. I have been there. I know too well the stage she was in. I then followed up on Doctors visit to which I was told we could do later in the month. I still thought this is a stage it will pass.

I am sad to say I now hardly speak to this friend. She is avoiding me like the virus and I am worried that delaying visiting the Doctor could be to her detriment.

The Bummer about this virus is that "What you don't know will kill you". I pray she gets help before she gets sick and considering that we are going into winter I am scared for her. As we celebrate national TB day I pray she doesn't find herself with TB and then discover she is very ill.

I hope in her closet though she is equipping herself with the necessary knowledge.




I Know it Hurts

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@Highlyfavored, I know it hurst to know someone who is choosing death over life. I am dealing with the same kind of relationship. I have a friend who I know is at risk of dying due to complications from Late Stage HIV.  Although, he does have insurance and a prescription, he does not want the medicine delivered to where his mail goes. So he is actually allowing the stigma attached to a positive diagnosis be a deterrent in him getting healthy. I cried and pleaded, but I had to remember that I can't allow myself to be so stressed out that my medicine stops working for me. I also had to realize that this was his informed decision. I presented him with the information so he could reconsider his position, but to no avail. I'm saying to you that you must first and foremost take care of yourself. I do sympathize with you and I hope that you can find comfort in knowing that you did as a friend should do in your working with your friend. 


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