Weight Loss Surgery

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I did it!  I had weight loss surgery just about one week ago.  I had the vertical gastric sleeve, which is where they go in and change the size of your stomach from approximately the size of a football down to the size of a sharpie.

I am doing great physically and mentally.  I'm really excited for this opportunity.  In fact, I've already lost 13 pounds since surgery!

While in the hospital, I had several blood draws.  For the first time, I was completely upfront each and every time before my blood being drawn by advising that I had HIV.  This was a MAJOR step for me.  I'm usually too embarrassed to disclose to the person drawing my blood and knew they followed universal precautions regardless.

I would reluctantly, and somewhat quietly say, "Um, I just want to make sure you know I have HIV." Each time, I was relieved when the physician's assistant would simply say 'thank you, but it's ok, it doesn't matter.'  For some reason, I had imagined a much different outcome.  I anticipated stigma and a moment of uncomfortable silence.  But that wasn't the situation at all.  Each physician's assistant had the same reaction of being completely understanding and nonjudgmental.

Maybe, coming out as HIV positive won't be as impossible as I had imagined.  It's a slow process for myself.  I've had years of embarrassment and anger, but I'm slowly coming around to acceptance.




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Congrats on surgery success and for speaking up that you are positive , but I believe that ignorance is found everywhere . I had an horrible experience a week ago with a Dr Miller who made me feel very bad, his mannerism as a Docter was terrible, he had to touch me to examine me it was simply the worst experience I have ever had , I needed to vent. Again , congrats on your surgery.


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Ooh wow, you go girl!!! How I wish I can afford one those surgeries, this body re-shaping is really affecting my confidence and esteem. I get depressed when I have to go shopping as nothing fits properly or the items I will have to choose now, they clash with my personality and totally cramp my style, I have to consider my big belly, I wouldn't want to show it off or come across as pregnant! I so hate that when people ask me if am pregnant again, worse these side effects are apparently not reversable, except ofcos unless you undergo such surgery

Big up to you girl and speedy recovery
#blowing kisses!


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I've been going through 'a girl like me' for some weeks. Wow,I'm happy you had a successful surgery.just 2days ago I wanted to comment to ask how the surgery went but before I could close from work it skipped my mind dearie,I'm sorry..so I just opened it now and saw ur update.so happy for a successful surgery.God be with u.


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