A Girl Like Me: Top 10 of 2023

Submitted on Jan 23, 2024 by  The Well Project

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As we enter into 2024, we are excited to share the 10 most viewed A Girl Like Me blogs of 2023. If you missed them the first time around, take some time to check them out now for the inspiration you can always count on from our community of bloggers. The countdown starts now!

#10: "Intro - Nina (OneKidneyNina)" by OneKidneyNina


Nina Martinez.

I am an unorthodox woman: I am not a woman who finds parenthood or romantic, sexual relationships to be life goals, which has zero to do with my HIV status, and there is a dearth of stories like mine in the HIV conversation. I know my worth, I know I am complete, just as I am. I can and do move mountains, and that's the legacy-making track I'm in. Continue reading...


#9: "I'm a Lifetime Survivor — Put Some Respect on My Name" by KimberlyC


Kimberly Canady-Griffith.

Last year at USCHA I stood in a room and said, We are not long-term survivors, but we are LIFETIME SURVIVORS. Never would I have thought that by me saying that name, that term, a year later I would be standing on the main stage with my fellow Lifetime Survivors and Dandelions reclaiming our time back. That one phrase has changed the game in the last year! Continue reading...


#8: "Gendercide" by KatieAdsila


Katie Willingham

I just heard a new word today that struck my heart in a sickening way: "Gendercide", "the deliberate effort to destroy traditions of gender fluidity…".... It struck my heart because I feel it on multiple levels. As native and two-spirit myself I feel great sadness for my ancestors who suffered at the hands of radically conservative colonialism that committed unquestionable genocide and ethnic cleansing of the natives of this continent. Continue reading...

#7: "Intro - Johana Quesada" by Johanaquesada


A Girl Like Me blogger, Johana Quesada.

My name is Johana Quesada and I am a stay at home mom, HIV activist, artist and breathwork facilitator based in Dallas, Texas. I have one beautiful son and three stepchildren with my amazing partner. After being diagnosed in 2018, I found myself alone and depressed, but found hope for my future when I discovered a variety of healing modalities within the spiritual community. Continue reading...


#6: "The Road Less Traveled, Learning to Forgive Yourself" by Janinebrignola


A Girl Like Me blogger, Janine Brignola.

When I was diagnosed with HIV almost 17 years ago I dove head first into activism. I was angry and I needed something to do with that anger or I would have turned it onto myself. What I didn't realize is that I had already done that and what I did not know is that I would let that anger build for almost two decades before I accepted it. Continue reading...


#5: "Intro - Whitney" by whiittybitty


A Girl Like Me blogger, Whitney.

Hi! My name's Whitney Stott. I'm a recovering addict and trauma survivor from Richmond, VA. After I got my HIV diagnosis in 2021, I spiraled further into the grips of addiction. The deep inward hatred towards myself and the low self-worth I felt was the perfect environment for my disease to flourish. I have been clean from any mood- and mind-altering substances since November 8th, 2021. Continue reading...


#4: "Sharing My HIV Status With My Mum" by AnaMaria77


A Girl Like Me blogger, AnaMaria.

I remember this special occasion as if it was today. It was my youngest sister's baptism and as my mum prepared to take a picture with my sister, I jumped up and made sure I was part of the picture too. You can see that I'm looking away, my stance and expression is me almost showing my other siblings that I get my way, considering they said that I wasn't supposed to be in the picture. Continue reading...


#3: "Sometimes It Sucks" by HEROconnor


A Girl Like Me blogger, Heather O'Connor.

I got caught up in believing I didn't deserve respect because of my past and dark parts of my identity that I tuck away and try to forget about until it's all I remember. But now I'm learning that self-acceptance is a vital part in determining who you share energy with in a way that allows you to be your whole authentic self. Continue reading...


#2: "My 35 Year Anniversary Living With HIV" by MariaHIVMejia



Tomorrow, April 18, marks my 35-year battle with #HIV! I never thought I would make it this far. Thank you to all that have helped me and taught me in this journey to be a better human being. ❤️ I want to thank my mother, Tere Velasquez, for being my rock and for always being there for me, even as a troubled and violent teen that saw nothing but pain and violence. However, her example and, for me personally, My God and determination to survive, have me still standing and fighting till the end!! The key to this is not only to survive, but to thrive and be adherent to your medication! Continue reading...

#1: "Aunty Lou’s Hour: HIV, Sex and Wellness by Auntie Lou's House


Louise Vallace.

Because of the stigma associated with HIV it's very difficult for some people living with HIV to express how they feel and they suppress their emotions. Suppressing emotions for fear of judgment can be overwhelming. For some, it can lead to anxiety, depression, sadness, and poor health. I started Aunty Lou's Hour to: (a) support people living with HIV who feel lonely; and (b) do what I can to reduce stigma associated with HIV. Continue reading...

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