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Part of The Well Project's mission is to change the course of the HIV/AIDS pandemic through information and education. One way we do this is by providing materials that are easy to read, empowering, regularly reviewed and updated by experts, and specifically designed for women ( cic and trans ).

Our fact sheets cover many HIV health, lifestyle, and prevention topics. Below are the topic sections in our library of more than 120 (and growing!) fact sheets. Click on a section title for a list with links to fact sheets in that topic area – all written with our global community in mind.

The fact sheets in this section are especially helpful for those who are newly diagnosed, just beginning to look for information on HIV, or seeking to prevent the spread of HIV.

This section covers topics specific to women and girls, including pregnancy and PrEP, microbicides and menopause, hormones and HPV. It also covers family issues such as talking to your children about HIV.

In this section you can find fact sheets to help you sort through the complex issues surrounding HIV treatment for women, including information about what drugs you are taking and how they work against HIV, possible side effects, the importance of taking your drugs exactly as directed, understanding your lab tests, and more.

The fact sheets in this section focus on how HIV is spread (transmission) and how to avoid getting or spreading it (prevention). What is an HIV test like and where do you get one? What’s the risk of oral sex? How can you get pregnant without passing HIV to your partner or baby? Find answers to these and many more questions here. 

This section covers a variety of health and medical issues that affect women living with HIV. Some of these are related to how HIV weakens the immune system, while others may be the result of HIV treatment. In addition, several fact sheets focus on topics of special interest to women, such as anemia, bone health, and depression.

In this section, you will find fact sheets across a broad range of topics that can improve your overall quality of life and address important issues in your daily life, from nutrition and physical activity, to dating and disclosure, to housing and travel.

In this section, we provide information and tools on how to support and empower yourself and others with the knowledge that even the smallest drop of water can have an enormous ripple effect on the community of women and girls at risk of HIV.

In this section, you'll find our comprehensive library of fact sheets listed alphabetically. Start browsing now!


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