Women living with HIV across the gender spectrum are more likely than women in the general population to experience challenges to their mental health.

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It's crucial to recognize that HIV doesn't discriminate based on gender identity, yet society often does.
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Have you ever felt invisible? As a child I felt invisible. In my home there were just three of us: my mother, my brother, and me.
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Diagnosed in 1987 in US Navy basic training at 22 years old, making me currently a 36 year survivor.
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Maybe you do need to start again. I encourage you to keep trying because there is always a new day. A new moment. A new opportunity. Yes, there will be another time to try again or simply recreate a new path.
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The last year and half has been so great to me in all aspects of my life and I think because I've felt so at peace for the first time since my diagnosis, I've gotten comfortable.
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Feeling low? Learn about depression – what it is, why women living with HIV are likely to have it, and why it is important to diagnose and treat it.
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HIV is not a crime, or is it? As of 2022, 35 states have laws that criminalize HIV exposure. Many of these laws are outdated and do not reflect today's scientific evidence. There are four different ways that these laws criminalize HIV.
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Watch this amazing video discussion, co-hosted by three women living with HIV, exploring ways to cope with mental health around the holidays.
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Learn from advocates about how they have initiated conversations about HIV prevention and awareness with youth in their communities, tips for when to begin talking with children, and more.
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Watch this discussion between a therapist offering non-judgmental services to individuals across the gender spectrum and a woman living with HIV who has sought mental health care.


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