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Founded in 2002, The Well Project has become a recognized leader in the fight against HIV by revolutionizing the availability and accessibility of much-needed resources designed specifically for women living with and vulnerable to HIV; and by prioritizing the advancement of women in all aspects of HIV prevention, treatment, and cure research and policy. The Well Project provides tools for women to build a foundation to not only survive, but also thrive with HIV. Reaching nearly four million users annually through our web portal and social media channels, The Well Project leverages technology to improve health outcomes and quality of life for women living with HIV. Learn more about our mission, vision and values

The Well Project programming falls into the following five categories:

The Well Project supports agency and health literacy among women living with HIV by developing and providing access to culturally responsive, scientifically accurate, women-focused HIV information. Our content addresses a wide range of issues related to HIV and women's health.

The heart of any community is its people and their ability to connect. One of our primary goals is to sustain a secure, supportive, trusted space we all share. To that end, The Well Project fosters a strong and engaged global network of women living with HIV across the gender spectrum.

The Well Project offers programming that enhances advocacy and leadership among women living with HIV, including webinars and discussion series; a strong presence at scientific, advocacy, and policy conferences; and opportunities to ensure women living with HIV are meaningful participants at decision-making tables.

The Well Project develops mission-aligned partnerships with key organizations in HIV and intersecting fields. These relationships elevate our respective work, inspire collaboration, and ensure that all our endeavors add value by uniquely addressing gaps in current programming and resources.

The Well Project identifies opportunities to advance the HIV research and policy agenda on women, ensure the implementation of evidence-based strategies, and increase research involvement and advocacy among women living with HIV.


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