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The Well Project is committed to supporting agency and health literacy among women living with HIV. One way we achieve this goal is by developing and providing access to culturally responsive, scientifically accurate, women-focused HIV information. Our content addresses a wide range of issues related to HIV and women's health.

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The Well Project produces resources on a wide range of topics related to women and HIV. In recent years we have paid particular attention to the focus areas in this section and developed collections of materials around them, including evidence-based articles and expert conversations.


The Well Project maintains a growing library of thorough, easy-to-read, regularly updated summaries on nearly 200 HIV clinical, lifestyle, and prevention topics focused on women living with HIV across the gender spectrum. Information is available in English, Spanish, and Hindi.


This collection includes more than 60 slide sets, available in English and Spanish. Our readers are welcome to use them as tools to further their knowledge, as well as educate and empower others in their communities.

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For those who want to experience an event they were unable to attend, reference information shared during a session, or hear dedicated experts speak on key HIV-related topics, The Well Project keeps an archive of recordings, slides, and other materials from our live virtual discussions.

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The Well Project also delivers trusted information directly into the hands of women living with HIV through local groups and clinics. Our print resources (in English and/or Spanish) can be shipped to your organization's US-based address free of charge.


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