Aging and HIV

People are acquiring HIV at older ages - and living longer, fuller lives with HIV – than ever before. Browse this collection of dynamic resources, powerful personal narratives, and news items by, for, and about women across the gender spectrum who are aging with HIV.


Women Like Us – Aging Positively focuses on increasing overall health and wellness among women aging with HIV by increasing social connectedness and access to relevant health information.

Helmed by The Well Project’s Bridgette Picou, LVN, ACLPN, The SHE is Women's Conference created a safe space for women living with HIV of all genders, providers, and allies to build community, learn skills, and have fun.

I know I'm not that old; I'm only 51. I'll be 52 in July, but still I can't help but start thinking about what my legacy will be. How will I be remembered when I'm gone?

"[W]omen living with HIV must ask the questions of whether their symptoms are related to menopause? Aging? HIV treatment? Depression? Or something else? I can absolutely relate to this as an aging woman living with HIV, depression, anxiety, and other health conditions."

I'm always happy to get the opportunity to attend a meeting or conference, so when I was approached with the opportunity to attend a conference virtually, I was happy to accept, especially one like the International Workshop on HIV and Women.

I just turned 51 on April 11, and I'm still here, with all the ups and downs, but fighting like the warrior that I am.

Even if you do not have symptoms or other warning signs, being on top of screenings can help catch health conditions early – and help you live your healthiest possible life.

Watch the October 2023 episode of Leadership Exchange LIVE, which features four experts taking a deep dive into menopause among women living with HIV.

Those of us aging with HIV need to make our voices heard. When we are asked about our experiences, we need to be honest about what we are experiencing because polite responses and silence will not get us anywhere.

It is September 25th, 2023. This day marks my 11th year of knowing that I'm living with HIV.

The number of older women living with HIV is growing. Read about aging with HIV, aging-related health challenges, stigma and support, and more.

Hello my lovely people. Some of us are always counting their age, forgetting to do the things that make them happy. Remember, there is no such thing as putting your life on hold, because we are all ageing, every day!

As I lay here 14 days after my fall at our neighborhood dog park- where I fractured both of my fibulas (leg bone connected to ankle)- yes, I wish I had a better story. Sadly I was not doing a new TikTok dance move or slamming a Pickleball shot! I was standing practically still as it was in a grassy...

As part of our program Women Like Us – Aging Positively, The Well Project is excited to announce a new group on Facebook. This group provides women across the gender spectrum with a space to talk about their journey, share open dialogue, and ask the questions that matter as we age with HIV.

The Well Project's stakeholder liaison, Bridgette Picou, LVN, ACLPN is joined by long-time The Well Project collaborator and fierce advocate, Gina Brown, RSW to discuss different types of loneliness, factors unique to women that can increase these feelings, and the importance of building community as we age with HIV.

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