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The Well Project is a regular presence at conferences of all kinds: regional, national, and international HIV community convenings; research and advocacy meetings; gatherings at the intersections of health, gender, and justice; and more. Such events offer key opportunities for The Well Project to share our resources and support women in our community in expanding their leadership platforms through presenting, networking, and reporting on their experiences. View this page for highlights from conferences we have attended in recent years.


Logs for USCHA and The Well Project.
The Well Project community members were all over the US's largest HIV community meeting – presenting sessions, building community, doing some fierce organizing, and more.
Maxine Waters speaking at a podium.
Rep. Maxine Waters' speech at the U.S. Conference on HIV/AIDS was powerful – and included some stigmatizing (and preventable) language concerns. The Well Project's stakeholder liaison, Bridgette Picou, shared her take on
The Dandelions together at USCHA 2023.
At the US Conference on HIV/AIDS, a group of lifetime survivors of HIV took the stage to demand attention for their needs. Grissel Granados, The Well Project's deputy director, wrote about the moment's importance for
Marissa Gonzalez and logos for USCHA and The Well Project.
"Upon hearing the title, I expected to hear about some form of injection as a cure, similar to a vaccine. But I was quite mistaken."
Heather O'Connor and logos for USCHA and The Well Project.
"No one could ever understand the sentiment she was expressing through her words like someone else living with the virus in their blood. It makes us connected."
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Managing HIV as children and into adulthood is an experience and a bond that is difficult to describe.
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This was my first time attending the USCHA conference in DC. This year's theme was "A Love Letter to Black Women".
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I would like to tell you about a very special conference to me; it's called Positive Living and it's hosted by an organization called Oasis Florida. I've been coming to this conference since 2015. I remember being invited by my ASO (AIDS Service Organization) where I received my treatment. I didn't know anything about HIV advocacy, I just wanted to go to Florida, lol. But meeting the people who come to this conference changed my life. I wanted to become an advocate like these amazing people,...
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MY GIRLS! I can't explain the connection and the happiness I feel when I'm around them. When I share space with them, I feel heard and held and so effortlessly it comes naturally for me to do the same for them. We are strong, we are hot af, and we are invincible together. At USCHA 2023 I was reunited with the amazing women of The Well Project. We presented together, we advocated together, we shared food and laughs and hugs together- I felt whole. The experience of being with my sisters revived...
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If you are new to advocating, have never been to USCHA, or are interested in learning about HIV, I highly suggest considering your attendance for the coming year!


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