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Over the past several years, we have asked our community how we can improve your experience with The Well Project, and many of you asked for more ways to connect with one another. We encourage you to use the features of our website to engage with us and other members by creating and sharing a profile, following other members, commenting on blogs and groups, or even starting your own group. We are excited for you to make this space your community!

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  1. Overview/FAQs: provides a guide on how to become a member and use the features in this section
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Groups are a great way to build community with other members based on just about anything – including geographic location, language, or topics. Search for and join existing groups, or create your own! For more information on creating public or private groups, please go to our Overview/FAQs.

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A Girl Like Me is an amazing community of women from around the globe who share experiences through blogging, and who connect with and support one another. Bloggers have told us how useful it has been for them to write out some of their experiences. The blog has also been a platform to help build leadership, as it provides women with a wide-reaching audience.

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Word cloud containing words "diabetes", "glucose", "insulin", "weight", "metabolism", and more.

Get basic information about a variety of approaches to treating the metabolic changes that may result from living with HIV or taking HIV drugs.

Woman with protruding cheekbones and thin face touches cheek and looks in handheld mirror.

Lipodystrophy means abnormal fat changes. This article addresses treatments for fat loss, or lipoatrophy.

Semiabstract representation of woman's torso from shoulders to hips wearing bra and open-top pants.

Get basic information about lipodystrophy: body shape changes, metabolic complications, and causes and treatment of fat loss and fat gain.