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The heart of any community is its people and their ability to connect. One of The Well Project’s primary goals is to create and sustain a secure, supportive, and trusted space we all share.

Over the past several years, we have asked our community how we can improve their experience with The Well Project, and many of you asked for more ways to connect with one another. We encourage you to use the features in this section to engage with us and other members by sharing on your profile, commenting on blogs and groups, and using the instant chat to communicate directly with other members!

Also, remember to visit A Girl Like Me and Una Chica Como Yo, which have become the heart of The Well Project's community; as well as our active social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We are excited for you to make this space your community!

Before you get started, we encourage you to check out the following sections:

  • Overview/FAQs: provides a guide on how to become a member and use the features in this section

  • Community Guidelines: provides a guide on what is appropriate and inappropriate conduct within the community

  • Privacy Policy: provides an overview of the way your information is collected and used, and the steps we take to preserve your privacy

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