Policy in various forms structures and determines our lives. Working to effect changes in policy – and ensuring that women living with HIV are involved in crafting those changes – is among The Well Project's strategies to support well-being and build power in our communities.

The Well Project Applauds Updates to Perinatal HIV Clinical Guidelines around Breast/Chestfeeding for Women and Other Birthing Parents Living with HIV (January 2023) 

pictureAs a result of years of advocacy by women living with HIV, providers, and others – including The Well Project – sweeping updates to the US Perinatal HIV Clinical Guidelines on January 31, 2023, recommend shared decision-making and increased support from providers for parents' infant-feeding choices. READ MORE >

Expert Consensus Statement on Breastfeeding and HIV in the United States and Canada (December 2020) 

pictureThis document – the result of a virtual gathering of more than 20 stakeholders, many of them from partner organizations of The Well Project – affirms the agency of women and parents living with HIV and the urgency of including them at all levels in HIV research, education, and policy. Co-signers assert the need for parents living with HIV to have access to the information, support, and tools necessary to make informed infant-feeding decisions. READ MORE >

Sign-On Letter About the Inclusion of Women in the Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America (EHE) (October 2019)

Woman symbol and trans symbol and words "Ending the HIV epidemic with women" and a purple border.In response to inadequate inclusion of women across the gender spectrum in the federal Ending the HIV Epidemic plan, members of The Well Project’s Women’s Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI) wrote a letter to stakeholders in the administration expressing their concerns. The letter authors invited sign-ons and ultimately garnered more than 200 endorsements from individuals and organizations. Letter authors also requested and were granted a meeting with federal health officials. READ MORE >

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