Survey Reports

The Well Project undertakes surveys every few years to better understand the community we serve and how they utilize our resources to ensure that we are maximizing our effectiveness and strengthening the impact of our programming. We also conduct the survey to gain insights into the experiences of women living with HIV (inclusive of cisgender and transgender women) so that we can identify areas of need for education, support, advocacy, research and/or policy changes. Our survey data highlight some of the opportunities and challenges for women along and beyond the HIV care continuum. In particular, they make clear the need to expand notions of optimal outcomes beyond viral suppression (i.e., have an undetectable viral load) to include measures of broader health and quality of life as articulated by women themselves based on their lived experiences.

Report cover showing representations of many people with words "Together We Are Making An Impact".

The Well Project is thrilled to announce that our 2018-2019 survey, Together We Are…Making an Impact is now available. This is the latest in a series of surveys that The Well Project undertakes to ensure that we are maximizing our effectiveness and strengthening the impact of our programming.

Cover of The Well Project 2016 Survey Report with colorful representation of bar graph and women.

Have you ever wondered what role technology can play in the fight against HIV? The belief that technology has the potential to radically alter the course of the HIV epidemic underscores the work that we do at The Well Project every day.

Cover of The Well Project User Survey Report 2014.

In 2014 we conducted the largest outcomes measurement survey on The Well Project programming in our history. This survey collected demographic information and measured the use and impact of The Well Project's online resources on health-seeking behaviors and quality-of-life indicators.

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