Operations Manager

Kelly Bower joined The Well Project in early 2002 to manage the organization's accounting records.

Director of Communications, WRI Director

Jenna Conley has managed communications efforts for The Well Project since 2007 and provides strategic counsel and guidance to help advance the organization's mission.

Program Coordinator
Ciarra (Ci Ci) Covin has been a survivor of HIV for more than a decade, diagnosed at the age of 20 in a small rural town in the southern region of the United States.
Global Ambassador

Jyoti Dhawale is an Indian-based HIV advocate and changemaker, who began working with The Well Project in 2010 as a blogger for A Girl Like Me and joined the Community Advisory Board (CAB) in 2014. In her role as a CAB member, she travels extensively to most parts of India, holding community programs, talk shows in corporate sectors, and awareness programs in classrooms.

Editorial Director
Olivia G. Ford has had the privilege of being part of The Well Project's team since 2015, beginning on a consultant basis and transitioning to the role of Editorial Director in early 2021.
Art Director

Darlene Harden-Fuller has designed print and web materials to promote The Well Project since 2013.

Director of Online Resources

Juliana Hawawini Johnson has worked with The Well Project since 2011 and became the full-time Director of Online Resources in 2019.

Consulting Editor

Barbara Jungwirth is a freelance writer and translator based in New York City.

Medical Editor

Dr. Mack is the Medical Director for the St. Luke's Medical Group at 147th St and 8th Avenue in Harlem. Prior, she served as the associate medical director of the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center for Comprehensive Care for seven years.

Executive Director

Krista Martel joined The Well Project in 2009 and has overseen the expansion of its online resources including the web portal and A Girl Like Me blog.


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