Race, Intersectionality, and HIV

Racism and other intersecting biases underpin the ongoing HIV pandemic. These materials explore differences in HIV rates by race and why these differences exist.


Watch the December 2023 episode of Leadership Exchange LIVE : In this practical, dynamic conversation, two Black women experts lift up the unique needs, priorities, and insights of Black women living with and vulnerable to HIV.

A short documentary film, coming to Hulu on World AIDS Day 2023, highlights the impact of HIV on Black women in the rural US South and features multiple members of The Well Project's community.

It's crucial to recognize that HIV doesn't discriminate based on gender identity, yet society often does.

Race and gender intersect with many factors in the lives of women with HIV. Learn about the varied impacts on women in different racial groups.

Race matters when it comes to HIV – and not just for women of color. Learn about differences in HIV rates by race and why these differences exist.

Recently, I had the extreme pleasure of attending the 2023 Motown Experience: Birth & Breastfeeding Conference hosted by the Black Mothers' Breastfeeding Association in Detroit, MI.

HIV is not a crime, or is it? As of 2022, 35 states have laws that criminalize HIV exposure. Many of these laws are outdated and do not reflect today's scientific evidence. There are four different ways that these laws criminalize HIV.

USCHA 2022 convened in San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 8 – 11, 2022. Members of The Well Project's community wrote recap articles sharing their unique perspectives on conference sessions and events of interest to our communities.

Watch this interactive discussion exploring the roots of health inequities faced by Black women and others who are living with HIV, and how they impact daily lives.

Listen in on this conversation for Black Maternal Health Week 2022, featuring a Southern Black feminist attorney, on how HIV-specific laws affect the reproductive rights of Black women and relate to the policing of parenting choices.

On July 7, 2016, The Well Project joined forces with partner organizations, Positive Women’s Network-USA, and TheBody.com to present "Why Race Matters: Women, Intersectionality, and HIV."

The Women's Collective and The Well Project were pleased to provide this webinar—focused on educating healthcare providers-giving an overview of PrEP for women through a multi-disciplinary approach

I live in the basement: the lowest floor of the social systems we have here in America. Above me live the middle-class: not concerned with the trials of the lower class; the privileged: living in a bubble of supremacy; and the blessed: ignorant of truly fighting for acceptance into humanity. Proud...

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