Women of Transgender Experience

There are many intersecting biases and inequities that can make life – and healthcare access – challenging for women of transgender experience (trans women) in many societies. These resources by, about, and featuring trans women highlight facts, insights, and voices from trans communities.


Mother's Day is never easy for me, because I don't have a relationship with my mother. She's not deceased, I just don't have a relationship with her, never really have to be honest.

Today I got the call that I have been not wanting to receive. I have known that my father has Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Parkinson's since May of 2020. It's been hard to make decisions for the person who I have felt caused me so much hurt.

I'm always happy to get the opportunity to attend a meeting or conference, so when I was approached with the opportunity to attend a conference virtually, I was happy to accept, especially one like the International Workshop on HIV and Women.

Trans women as a group carry a high burden of HIV. Learn about specific vulnerabilities and prevention steps trans women can prioritize to stay HIV free.

Human sexuality is complex and exciting. Learn more about how people define, describe, and build community around sexuality and gender identity.

Look here to find information and support for community building, health issues, violence, discrimination, legal barriers, transgender youth, and more.

Stigma is deadlier than the disease itself, and the top driver of HIV stigma, in my opinion, is the church.

The reality of us, in the realm of HIV/AIDS funding, is a disconcerting trend has emerged— a quiet exodus of funders who seem to be turning a blind eye to the critical issues faced by trans-led and Latinx groups from funders and projects.

It's crucial to recognize that HIV doesn't discriminate based on gender identity, yet society often does.

Learn about trans women living with HIV and the many unique issues they face, including some good news about determined resilience.

I bought a t-shirt in Las Vegas because I thought it was amusing. It said "Bad Bitch" on the front of it. I smiled when I saw it and for whatever reason I decided to buy it. I have plenty of courage, more than most I think. You don't live a transgender existence in a society that wants to erase you...

I joined the A Girl Like Me blog and that blog is where I talked about my diagnosis for the first time publicly. For women and girls and feminine-identified individuals around the world, many of us may be in places where HIV education and other types of education aren't readily available. I really love The Well Project as a place for that.

I just heard a new word today that struck my heart in a sickening way: "Gendercide", "the deliberate effort to destroy traditions of gender fluidity…". That was a quote from an extremely insightful book...

Every person living with HIV has the right to the tools and support they need to make well-informed decisions about education, employment, and other economic opportunities.

The Well Project medical editor Isabella Ventura, RN, MSN, AGPCNP-BC, and community advisory board member Katie Willingham, attended the virtual gathering of the International Workshop on HIV and Transgender People in December 2021 and reported on compelling takeaways.

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