Community Advisory Board

We believe frequent engagement with the diverse voices of women we serve is vital to our work. For this reason, we have created a Community Advisory Board, whose committed members provide insights from their communities and guidance on how we can improve our programs to ensure that we serve our visitors in the best possible ways.

Emerita Member

Michelle Anderson, formerly 2011 Ms. Plus America, is the only known HIV-positive woman to run in mainstream pageantry and win a national pageant title.

Emerita Member

Gina Brown, RSW, is a community organizer with the Southern AIDS Coalition. She has worked in the field of HIV for 15 years and has been living with HIV for 23 years.

HIV/AIDS activist, advocate, mother, and wife born with HIV, Kimberly grew up unaware that she was living with HIV until a week before her 10th birthday.

Emerita Member

Ciarra Covin is an 11 year survivor of HIV. She has found great strength and healing in using her master’s degree in Human Services, coupled with raw life experiences, to advocate for those living with HIV.

Emerita Member

Porchia Dees currently does HIV prevention work for the Black AIDS Institute in Los Angeles. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has impacted her life greatly and is a topic that is very near and dear to her heart.

Jyoti Dhawale, was diagnosed with HIV in 2005. Born and raised in India, she currently resides in Mumbai.


Marissa Gonzalez was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey and moved to Southwest Florida in 2004 where she currently resides. She is the youngest and only girl of four, is of Puerto Rican descent, and the proud mother of a 5-year old fur baby named Zoey

Emerita Member

Aryah Lester, nationally awarded author, as well as a speaker and educator, is a transgender woman of color from New York residing in Miami-Dade since 2005.

Emerita Member

Arianna Lint is the executive director of Arianna's Center, a community-based organization that provides advocacy, education and training, case management, and linkage to care for trans men and women in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami and Orlando, FL.

Tiommi Jenae Luckett is a woman of trans experience of African descent from Arkansas, now based in Pennsylvania.


Members of The Well Project community at USCHA 2022.

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