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The Well Project identifies opportunities to advance the HIV research and policy agenda on women, ensure the implementation of evidence-based strategies, and increase research involvement and advocacy among women living with HIV. 

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The Women's Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI), founded by The Well Project in 2003, is a multidisciplinary and multisectoral effort dedicated to identifying gaps and recommending solutions in areas of HIV research and policy of particular significance to women living with and vulnerable to HIV across the gender spectrum. Each year, the WRI convenes a meeting to address a specific topic area, bringing together WRI attendees who represent the broad range of fields engaged in this work.

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The Well Project conducts periodic surveys to better understand how our community utilizes our resources, to ensure that we are maximizing our effectiveness. Surveys also help us gain insight into the experiences of women living with HIV, to identify areas of need for education, support, advocacy, research and/or policy changes.


Policy in various forms structures and determines our lives. Working to effect changes in policy – and ensuring that women living with HIV are involved in crafting those changes – is among The Well Project's strategies to support well-being and build power in our communities.


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