Annual Reports

Every year, The Well Project publishes an annual report to share our efforts and accomplishments over the prior year with members of our community including our funders and supporters. These reports provide updates on our programming, insights into our activities, and measure the outcomes of efforts. Each annual report has a theme that focuses on a specific aspect of The Well Project’s programming and philosophy.

The Well Project Annual Report 2020 with art of a woman sitting on bed with a laptop by Farah Jeune.

The Well Project is excited to launch our 2020 Annual Report and provide you with a chance to learn about our efforts and accomplishments last year.

Art by Farah Jeune: people marching with BLM & other signs & woman's face overlaid by colorful flag.

The Well Project is pleased to share our 2019 Annual Report: Virtual Connection, Real Impact, highlighting our efforts and accomplishments from last year.

Brightly colored group of people walking with words "Together we will... build fight hope triumph".

We are excited to share with you our 2018 Annual Report, Together We Will… Our intention with this annual report is to share news about our efforts and programming over the last year through a positive and collaborative lens.

Representation of two women holding hands with words "women supporting women".

The Well Project's 2017 Annual Report: Women Supporting Women describes our activities and accomplishments over the last year, highlights our mission and vision moving forward, and communicates our hopes and plans for the future.

Representation of women on winding path and words "hope" "self-esteem" "community" and "advocacy".

If ever there was a time that we needed hope, it is now. And hope is what The Well Project brings to our users, every day.

The Well Project Annual Report 2015 with colorful representations of women, circles, and arrows.

In 2015, The Well Project turned our focus to one of our most important goals – expanding our reach and impact. We are excited to share our 2015 Annual Report, and provide an overview of our programs and accomplishments.

The Well Project 2014 Annual Report cover: Representation of world with computers in various areas.

From the beginning, The Well Project has worked tirelessly to leverage technology to change the course of the HIV epidemic, and today we have become the go-to global online resource for women living with HIV.

The Well Project 2013 Annual Report with words: #changingthecourse.

More than a decade after The Well Project was founded in 2002, it seemed prudent to ask ourselves some challenging questions: Are we helping women around the world? What is our impact? Are we filling an unmet need?

The Well Project 2012 Annual Report with words "One Woman at a Time".

Over the past 11 years, The Well Project has focused on three critical areas: information access, targeted research, and community support.

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