Women Supporting Women: The Well Project 2017 Annual Report


Representation of two women holding hands with words "women supporting women".

2017 was not an easy year for the HIV community. Politics and the public space were dominated by difficult news that challenged our community and spirits across multiple fronts and we saw the ascendance of public figures who do not have our best interests at heart. And yet, 2017 was a very important year for women. It was the year that all of the stories of injustice, harassment, and criminality finally broke through the dam. It was the year that women declared “enough is enough” and people listened. It was the year #metoo and #timesup went viral. It was the year that women would no longer stay silent about the harassment, assaults, and discrimination we had experienced across age, race, geography, socio-economics, and education. It was the year we announced that we will never go back.

We are thrilled to share with you The Well Project's 2017 Annual Report: Women Supporting Women. This year's report describes The Well Project's activities and accomplishments over the last year, highlights our mission and vision moving forward, and communicates our hopes and plans for the future.

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At The Well Project we are honored to witness the impact of powerful women’s voices every day and we are proud to be part of a legacy of formidable female voices and action. As a women-run and women-focused organization, we believe strongly in the collective power of women joining forces, building community, and lifting each other up and we are committed to every woman. That means that we are dedicated to addressing:

  • Every woman in all our diversity
  • Every woman in all our roles
  • Every woman at every stage of need
  • Every woman who has a role to play in ending the HIV epidemic

We have never been more committed to ending the HIV epidemic, nor more inspired by our community as it works to make that dream a reality. We are profoundly grateful to everyone who is advancing this cause and we stand with you.

Together, we can change the course of the HIV epidemic...one woman at a time.


Members of The Well Project community at USCHA 2022.

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