Aging and HIV

People are living longer lives with HIV than ever before – including younger adults who were born with HIV. People are also acquiring HIV at older ages. Numerous women in The Well Project's community identify with these varied experiences.


Listen to three women living with HIV as they cover topics including the dramatic impact of HIV treatment, important social issues that don't always get enough attention in the conversation around HIV/AIDS, and what aging truly means to them.

The premiere episode of A Girl Like Me LIVE featured an important conversation among four women long-term HIV survivors in honor of HIV Long-Term Survivors' Day and the 40th anniversary of HIV – both on June 5, 2021.

The WRI 2019 meeting broadly addressed issues related to long-term experiences with HIV across the lifespan, including those relevant to older women who are aging with HIV and younger women who acquired HIV perinatally or as young children.

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