I Just Want to Help

I just want to help, as you already know. I got a private message today. It made my day - touched me in so many ways. It was an honor getting it. I feel honored, deserving.

I just want to help people, educate them as best I can. We know it's not easy. A lot of people think we deserve HIV. Not the case. The stigma is horrible. It is not HIV that kills us, it is the stigma. People think they can speak to you how they please… the uneducated, ignorant of HIV. Educating people is not easy. They don't listen, don't want to hear it.

The person that sent this message is from Nigeria. I feel recognized. I just want to be me and educate others. This makes my day:

"Hi Tamahra. Thank you for accepting my friend request. Am truly proud of you to know that you can boldly accept your status. Especially with the rate of stigmatisation still high. You are truly a hero. Keep educating people as much as you can, God bless you. Am not as bold as you are yet, but I believe I will get to that stage where I would not be afraid anymore. For now, I educate only people that are not a threat to me when it comes to stigma. Remain blessed."



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