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I am quite excited about becoming a part of this dynamic landscape of female voices. I would be lying, however, if it was not with a decent amount of trepidation. This comes for obvious reasons, such as having the honor of being able to read the thoughts of other women. Everyone's "pain is particular," and whole lives live within each of these beautifully poignant words. The less apparent reason is that I do not see treating HIV within what I refer to as the limitations of its' treatment and cure. For example, the at-risk behavior that led many of us for being susceptible to contracting HIV also leaves us vulnerable to other sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies (among other things). Both of which are most frequently derived from unhealthy romantic relationships because of not knowing, understanding nor owning who we are, our rights and what encourages us to make everyday decisions that allow for greater mind-body-spirit health.

Currently, in my area, there is such a steep increase in syphilis cases that health bureaus are replicating the HIV model of testing, risk reduction education and service delivery referrals. Contracting syphilis has many of the same at-risk behaviors within compromising life circumstances that result in modes of transmission like HIV. Subsequently, I find my focus more on the holistic woman rather than each of the dangers that may befall her. Admittedly, this is harder for, instead of looking to a solution to a problem, we look at the entire landscape of what it means to be healthy and whole, less vulnerable, and more empowered.

It need not be "either/or." It can be "and/both." The way that I explain it is to compare assets and possess a diverse fiscal portfolio. There are quick fixes like lottery tickets, NFTs, and quick flips with digital currency like bitcoin. There are also benefits from time driven benefits, such as a 401k plan (stocks), and equity from home ownership. Sadly, too few people think about future dividends because assumptions are made. We will die before we could benefit. We are poor, so why believe these things could ever happen. And, although it is much improved, too many women are not fiscally savvy due to historical oppression and/or discrimination that limits access to information, knowledge, and power. I may never become rich or famous. I may always have trials and tribulations. But I refuse to make my life small because life has big plans for me. It does for each of us.

So, it is not enough for me to just be rid of HIV; I want and will seek, advocate, for a better lifestyle. It is why my tagline always has been and always will be: "HIV is more than a mode of transmission!"





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I agree! Quality of life is so, so, so important. 


Music to my ears!

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We did not stop being ourselves, even if interrupted, just because HIV entered the picure. Moreover, our very essence (in my opinion) is one of the most, if not the singlemost, way we can combat it, put it in its' place, and carry on as God intended. :)


Beautifully and wonderfully made

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You worded this perfectly.


Thank You

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Why? Because I am in good company. Meaning, WE write how it all needs to be said, and I hear YOUR voice. Feeling blessed for meeting YOU. :)


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