HIV and The Silent Killer

Yesterday I found out someone I knew who was HIV positive committed suicide. You see HIV not only tries to destroy the body but it tries to destroy the mind and its emotional stability!!! This is why many of us who are positive take meds for depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Many of us don't die from complications associated with AIDS!!! Loneliness, stress and broken hearts are why many of us stay sick. One thing leads to another and there you have it another life gone!!!

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Definitely a silent Killer

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Thank you for your post and may your friend RIP....


I'm so sorry to hear about

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I'm so sorry to hear about your lost. Uplifting you and love ones during this time of grief.


I'm so sorry this happened to

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I'm so sorry this happened to your friend. I found out about my status in 2006, during pregnancy. I couldn't believe that it happened to me. I passed the re-test 7 times in different clinics to make sure that it is a reality. After this more than 10 times I tried to commit suicide. And I really helped my husband and didn't let me do it. We now have 2 beautiful children. And I am grateful for those 11 years together. This is a very big problem to know their status to put people who will help.

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