I have battled rejection and betrayal
That doesn't stop me from falling in love again 

I have handled depression, violence and suicide
Now, no demon can ever defeat me

I have known loneliness and sadness
Still I find happiness in my solitude

I have been hated, shunned, ostracised
But still my heart is full of love and above all, understanding 

I can be very forgiving 
But know that am not foolish or blind

I am a long term HIV survivor 
13 years long and still going strong,
And life to me is as positive as my blood can be 

I have no family or relatives 
But the people (my fans, friends, followers) made me feel loved and wanted - what I have LOST in few that I call my own, I have GAINED more, much more than I could ever ask for.

And still if you say "life is a bitch" and complain,
Well, believe me, you are missing a lot because either you have shut yourself out or not allowing yourself to be accepted. 

From coal to diamond
From dust to glory
From ashes to a blazing fire 
I have RISEN!! 
My scars tell a story 
And my life is an example 
Me? I am the CHARACTER, risen!!

#JyotiDhawale #HIV #LongTermHIVSurvivor#DomesticViolence #IntimatePartnerViolence#EmotionalAbuseSurvivor #HearingImpaired#PersonLivingWithHIV #HearingHandicapped#Woman #StrongWoman #WomanOfSteel#TheWellProject #BeingPositiveFoundation  



love this!

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Beautiful. Love and light queen!


Thank you Red40something. I

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Thank you Red40something. I am no poet, but sometimes when my mind is troubled, the stanzas and lyrics are formed.

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