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I remember like it was yesterday when I was first diagnosed. The date was May 03, 2010. I felt empty yet for some reason relieved. Confusing huh? I had went to the OBGYN for abnormal bleeding on April 29. I was asked if i wanted to be tested. Initially i said no but upon further request I agreed. The following Monday I received a phone call from the doctor’s nurse. She asked if she could speak to Lakeysa Buchanan. I stated, “This is she.” She then asked, "Are you sure?" (as if I'd forgotten my name). Upon assuring her that it was who she asked for she then began to whisper, asking if I could come into the office as soon as possible. Confused i thought to myself, "This lady crazy as hell, what is she whispering for," but yea sure. Upon my arrival I was called back. I noticed that when i touched the door knob the nurse did not want to touch it or me. I knew something was up then. Once the doctor came in she gave me the results of my HIV test, and then explained that she would no longer be able to see me as a patient, then leaving the room. I was in shock and hurt. Before leaving her assistant said something that has always stuck in my head. It was Phillipians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I will never forget her for those kind words.

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<p>Welcome dear Lakeysa, your story is so encouraging and I believe it will inspire a lot of us. It just tell us that stigma and discrimination is still on the high side globally.</p>

Thank you

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Thank you so much as yes the stigma is real but by God's Grace things will get better
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