A Girl Like Me (AGLM), a program of The Well Project, is a blog where women ( cis and trans The Well Project serves women across the gender spectrum. (More about gender identity)) can share their experiences and promote understanding of HIV. Millions of women around the globe are living with HIV, yet many feel they are alone in their disease and isolated in their day-to-day experiences. The goals of AGLM are to help normalize HIV; and to create a safe space for women living with HIV from around the world to speak out and share their experiences – with each other, and with those seeking a support community.

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I Forget to Cry

I forget to cry sometimes.

I forget how.

Is it really forgetting if I shove it from my mind?

I forget how tears taste. That salty flavor of a French Fry as they leak into the corners of my mouth. When I finally remember I am unnerved at how much...

Depression - JoDha's Mind and Soul

———————————————————-You tremble....and look for a place to sit or lie down lest you fall.
You tremble....and look for a place to sit or lie down lest you fall.
You shiver.... Even though the season is hot and humid,
Your whole body shakes where you can feel its vibration - teeth...

Losing a Loved One During COVID Pandemic

Losing a loved one is never easy, but losing a loved one during this covid pandemic is not something I ever thought I'd have to go through. Much like my HIV diagnosis, I didn't think it could happen to me. When as a human race are we going to learn...

We are Here for You!

We hope this note finds you safe and healthy, amidst the extraordinary circumstances that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on us all. We wanted to reach out with a few updates on what we're doing to try to support our community during this challenging time – and how you can...

Smoke and Mirrors

Mastermind; insulting lies to get that fix same rotation such a bitch.
Love is not the same as trust.
Never going back was the thought process. Never want to abandon your flesh

She traded her for drugs and gratification, never did find that satisfaction.
Leaving the trail of cold hearts...

Intro - HEROconnor (Heather)

I'm a 28-year-old HIV-positive (since 6/6/16) female living in Natural Bridge, Virginia with my husband, my daughter, two dogs, and two cats. I am a trained modern dancer, an in-home ABA therapist for children, and I'm currently interested in redirecting my career path to become involved in HIV advocacy/outreach. Every...

Feelings About COVID-19

I wanted to check in with everyone here with the current situation. We all have to self-isolate due to the COVID19 pandemic. This can be a really difficult time given the circumstances. Our daily routines have been dismantled; no work and no school. If you're following the advice of doctors...

My Anti-Stigma Message

During this current public health crisis, I find myself annoyed at how much I'm hearing people speak about the stigma that is being placed on those who may test positive for COVID19. I feel like society has allowed HIV positive people to be stigmatized for way too long.



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Living in a Single Room...

Living in a Single Room Occupancy in New York.

Things have really changed since the early 2000's .Am in Manhattan they have always been coed. But now the younger LGBTQIA. Has taken a higher president's in these places. More drugs ,over doses , and solicit sex are happening. Now that it the hotter months more violence will happen. I just pray not in here. We have no curfew...

Talented migrant

My lovely people, can you explain to me why white people coming to Africa are quickly called "experts", but people of African descent in Europe are often called "refugees, migrants, or illegals"?

After I married my husband, in the different countries in Africa we lived in I became the "expert's...

Never Settle!

Hi all, as an aging member of our community I have seen and dealt with a lot of issues.

Yesterday during a group conference call regarding health and aging with HIV, I learned that a drug I took for my HIV back 20 years ago was the probable cause for...

New Start

A diagnosis of HIV can be devastating; and it brings with it a mix of thoughts and emotions that turn the mind and the heart inside out. Yet in light of one's diagnosis, the human desire to be cherished, loved and supported cannot be extinguished. They are an intrinsic part of being human.

Every person has a desire to experience life’s goodness, with all of its joys and personal accomplishments,...

When you are first...

When you are first diagnosed, it feels like you have been given a life sentence. You feel isolated and alone. You are left within the whirlwind of your thoughts and emotions. It is a mental and emotional roller coaster of coming to terms with the new reality that you have HIV.

Though it can be seen as a life sentence in terms of it being a lifelong medical condition, you...

I want the world to know

In May 2014 I finally told my secret; I published a note called "The Hidden Truth" on facebook to inform everyone about my HIV. I had been thinking about coming out of the closet for many years and that day I was ready to share my reality and prepared to...

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