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What is Building H.O.P.E.?

Building H.O.P.E. (Hopeful Outreach and Positive Engagement for Women Living with HIV) is an effort to build awareness and usage of The Well Project's comprehensive online resources and unique global community among women living with HIV and those who care for them. Building H.O.P.E. is designed to extend The Well Project’s resources to the most underserved communities, including women of color, trans women, youth, and long-term survivors. Building H.O.P.E. is also focused on reaching newly diagnosed women and women living with HIV who are not yet in care or part of a support network with the goal of connecting them to The Well Project’s online resources and community through a variety of tools including our new Building H.O.P.E. video below – please check it out! Whether you are a woman living with HIV, healthcare provider, peer educator, advocate, family member, friend and/or partner, we encourage you to build your HIV toolbox and utilize all of The Well Project's resources to the fullest extent! Our online resources are free, available 24/7, can be accessed anonymously and privately, and are continuously reviewed and updated by a team of professional editors and experienced HIV clinicians.

Why do we need Building H.O.P.E.?

Building H.O.P.E. is The Well Project's latest effort to battle stigma, which we believe is the single largest barrier to ending the HIV pandemic. This belief drives our commitment to create and implement programs and resources that break down stigma and shame and the resulting isolation. Our recent user survey demonstrates that these programs are working: after using The Well Project’s resources, 65 percent of women living with HIV respondents said they experienced less self-stigma and 61 percent less stigma from others. Building H.O.P.E. represents our effort to eliminate stigma in some of the communities that experience it most profoundly.

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Building H.O.P.E. is designed to extend The Well Project’s resources into organizations that serve women living with HIV and help link them to our unique and supportive community. We want you to use our vast resources to support the women you serve! If you are interested in materials highlighting our programs (in English and/or Spanish) for your clinic or organization, please check out the options below:


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Building H.O.P.E. is an initiative supported by:

Positive Action for Women is part of ViiV Healthcare's global commitment to supporting research and community programs that close the gaps in data, address social and cultural barriers to care, and drive solutions for women living with and affected by HIV.

The Well Project received additional funding support towards Building H.O.P.E. from:



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