U.S. Women and PrEP Working Group

The U.S. Women and PrEP Working Group is a national ad-hoc advocacy coalition monitoring, exploring and advocating around key issues for women with regard to domestic HIV prevention research and implementation. It was established in March 2012 by a group of HIV and women's health advocates who came together to create a collective response to the FDA's imminent approval of the use of Truvada as PrEP. We have become a nationwide network of over 120 advocates, researchers, academics, government employees, and pharmaceutical industry representatives, working to educate our communities and health care providers about PrEP. We are also mobilizing advocacy to ensure that women's voices (as policy advisors, consumers, health care providers, etc.) influence public policy and funding with regard to PrEP. We are now also expanding to explore opportunities to advocate around access to microbicides, "Treatment as Prevention" and other new biomedical HIV prevention options for women.

Shannon Weber from BAPAC speaks with Dazon Dixon Diallo from SisterLove & Dr. Judy Auerbach about PrEP for women at AIDS 2014




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