Barbara Jungwirth

Consulting Editor

Barbara Jungwirth is a freelance writer and translator based in New York City. She writes about the medical and social aspects of HIV for TheBody and TheBodyPRO and translates medical documents from German to English. Barbara also trains people in writing for audiences with limited English literacy. Previously, she worked for an HIV non-profit where she taught computer skills to low-income women, among other duties.

In addition to working with The Well Project's managing editor on reviewing and updating the website's resource library, Barbara is also primary author of the following fact sheets:

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Get basic information about a variety of approaches to treating the metabolic changes that may result from living with HIV or taking HIV drugs.

Lipodystrophy means abnormal fat changes. This article addresses treatments for fat loss, or lipoatrophy.

Get basic information about lipodystrophy: body shape changes, metabolic complications, and causes and treatment of fat loss and fat gain.