Hello! I'm a single straight Indian man who got diagnosed with HIV in 2020. "Life's what happens to you when you're making other plans" and this couldn't have been more true when I learnt about my HIV status. Nevertheless, this didn't change anything and deep beneath I'm still the same old guy who likes to write poetry, is fond of adventures and a seeker trying to be a better person as time goes by. Though I must admit that the carefree adventurous spirit that I'm invincible did took a hit and this new development in life has mellowed me down.

A voracious reader with a poet's soul and keen eye and ear for arts and aesthetics, I'm a certified Yoga teacher who has also been a working professional employed in the publishing and IT sector. I've always had a bohemian lifestyle and followed my heart giving my best to people, relationships and everything else that I ever put my soul and heart into. With experiences gained and lessons learnt, lately I've been spending more time with myself and learning new things every day.

"Life's a journey and not a destination" and Steven Tyler seems to make hell lot of more sense as he croons his Aerosmith number...

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