My name is Emelinda, I am 43 years old, married with two awesome children. I have a 17 year old and a 19 year old. My husband and I are currently seperated. I was diagnosed four years ago. Never would I have taught I would be affected by this diease. How I found out, was nothing but pure faith and knowledge. It was December 2014, and I was in the car with my husband. We were driving back from the emergency room. We have been going back in forth to the ER for a very frequently, because he had no insurance. We could not even afford a visit to a doctor. My husband was crying, and with tears coming down his eyes he tells me he is dieing and no one can tell him what is wrong. I looked at him, and knew he was dieing. This time I was brave enough to tell him what I felt. In the back of my mind, through a feeling I had during prayer and through a class I was taking in College. I knew what was wrong. My husband had night sweats, thrush in his mouth and was just wasting away. Based on what I have learned in school, I suspected it was AIDS. My husband did have a risky life style in the past. So it was entirly possiable. So I told him that he may have AIDS. He was not receptive, I mean who will be? But I told him what I learned and what I am feeling in my gut. So he agreed to be tested. We drove to the local CVS, and I bought a home HIV test. We get home and we get him tested. Our worse fear had come to past. The test was positive. All at once, we had so many emotions and taughts going through our head. I was not feeling sick, but there was a high probability I was also sick. So we went to the local Health Department to get tested. We set up an appointment for a blood test. A few weeks later it was confirmed. I too was HIV positive. His viral load was so high, he was able to infect me. I felt so lost, and helpless. To think the man loved with all my heart, has infected me. I was positive it was him. Before we were invovled I was tested, and tested negative. He was the only man since that test that I had been with. So the next few months were challenging. I did know that I we were going to get through this together. It was not his fault, because I had the responsibilty to get him tested before we got involved. Since then, I started my medication, got more education and became very hopeful to being able to live a healthy life. When we were diagnosed, my CD 4 was 116 and my husband was at 47. I have been undetectable for 3 1/2 years. My CD4 are over 600. My husband CD4 have not been over 250 since diagnosed, but he is alot better and undetectable.  HIV did not become who I was, it was just merly something I have. I was determine that HIV will not take over me, or control of my life. Since then, I received my Associates in Health Information Technology. I have an awesome job with BayCare Health. My family is very supportive. Best of all my dreams are not limited. 

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