I'm a 54 year old single Mom and Grandmother. I am newly diagnosed April of 2016. I am a psychology student. I run a charity that helps runaways and young people - women aging out of foster care. I am a cancer survivor. But above all I am a survivor!

Why Imnobody wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: I know there are lots of long term survivors but to a newly diagnosed person, hearing their stories is great, but you still think can I be one of them in 10, 20 years? Will it be different for me? I'm friends via Facebook with a transgender woman who is 21 and just found out she is Poz. She talked to lots of long term survivors but she said talking to me to hear just a year later I'm still here and I'm in good health and have a good attitude helped her not be so scared. We the newly diagnosed need to know we are not orphans in this life we now must live.

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