Hello, I am a 50 year old woman from the Midwest & HIV positive. I am not sure how long…several doctors did not check me because I did not know "how to ask". I was sexually active and showed precursors to testing…but because of the additional paperwork and because I 'looked healthy', as one said, I was never tested. I thought I HAD been tested!

More importantly…I am healthy! I am not on meds yet, and my body is fighting it. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!

Why is there so little said on nutrition? My doctor is only good for monitoring my levels. I have read about the body and immune system and increased my healthy practices on my own!

Why Linda wants to be a part of A Girl Like Me: We get so little, if any!…nutritional information. My viral load hit 20,000 after a severe wasp attack. My body brought it back down. My doctor has no input. My Wellness staff…no input. I am not depressed. I'd like a lover, but that's what got me in this 'pickle'. I even forget I am Positive and have to remind myself. I think more of us could have a better quality of life, if we used nutrition to maintain our health. I heard a speaker from Africa say the very same thing in a radio address. He spoke of needing food not medicine, to make the people stronger. I am a long-term non-progressor, so I am sensitive to that. However, I am curious, if people get better nutrition….will their CD4 keep increasing and need less meds? Especially with newly diagnosed? Nutrition is key, for all health….not just HIV. BUT, especially for HIV. 

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