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I am a new member. I joined about a month ago. l have been coming to this site for some time now. Ever since l came across this site, it has been a source of great help,inspiration and information to me. It has become a companion to me. I am learning so much and continue to learn more, hence l decided to become a member. l am sure just as the articles here have been so helpful, getting connected with other members in the same shoes as me will also help me. I fell sick in 2019 and commenced on meds last year in June so it has been a year now on treatment and l am seeing improvement. My health had gone really down but l am improving by the day. I am still being restricted in so many ways though. Not much contact with the outside world, not being able to work and my life has been disrupted so much. Right now l am having health issues with my feet and legs (nerves) hence my mobility has been restricted and also l feel tired and have high blood pressure, and l am also taking meds for that. So l hope getting connected and reading and getting more information here will help me to get better and be encouraged to go on. This has given me a ray of hope as l so much want to live and be able to have a normal life. I am female and l turn 51 on the first of August.

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