Hope in the Midst of the Storm

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Many people have endured distress and loss. Grief is a normal response to the various losses we experience. Sorrow can happen in response to death loss and non-death loss, including drastic changes and disruptions to everyday life and functioning. Due to these unprecedented times, individuals are finding it challenging to navigate stability. This group will offer information on grief, loss, and coping in the midst of the storm, to include supporting women who are grieving losses in their lives. 


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Good afternoon everyone, I found this poem and I wanted to share with you. Life Still Has A Meaning by Author Unknown If there is a future, there is time for mending-Time to see your troubles coming to an ending...

We are experiencing a lot of pain in our community, nation, and world. Why is there so much pain and hurt in our lives? In the midst of what we go through, there is peace amid our pain. Peace means...

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