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Spreading valuable information about Sexually Transmitted Diseases is of vital importance - especially with more and more young people becoming sexually active nowadays.

In our group, we would like to educate all those facing the risk of catching STIs and educate them on the importance of safe sex and risk prevention.

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HIV is a touchy subject with many people, especially since the world is rampant with harmful misinformation about what HIV is. If you know someone with HIV, you might want to lift this person up. If you can help create...

When you’ve been given a positive HIV diagnosis, it can take considerable time to adjust to the news. You have to cope with the barrage of emotions you’re likely to be feeling at first and work out what adjustments you...

If a friend has been diagnosed with an STI, they’ll need your support more than ever. An STI, unlike other infections, can bring with it a whole range of emotional issues that your loved one will be struggling to work...

Welcome to our first post and our group where we will talk about problems with STIs.