The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) is the leading nursing organization responding to HIV/AIDS. ANAC fosters the professional development of nurses and others involved in the delivery of healthcare for persons at risk for, living with, and/or affected by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and its co-morbidities. ANAC promotes the health, welfare and rights of people living with HIV around the world.

Since its founding in 1987, ANAC has been meeting the needs of nurses in HIV/AIDS care, research, prevention and policy.

ANAC aims to promote the health and welfare of people affected by HIV/AIDS by:

  • Creating an effective, engaged network of nurses in AIDS care
  • Studying, researching and exchanging information, experiences and ideas leading to improved care and prevention
  • Providing leadership to the nursing community in matters related to HIV/AIDS and its co-morbidities
  • Advocating for effective public policies and quality care for people living with HIV
  • Promoting social awareness concerning issues related to HIV/AIDS

Inherent in these goals is the commitment to the prevention of HIV.

ANAC is made up of more than 40 chapters located around the world. It comprises a dedicated group of nurses, healthcare professionals and others from around the world who are committed to HIV/AIDS nursing. These affiliate members include social workers, pharmacists, physician assistants, lawyers and doctors; i.e. anyone involved in the care and support of people with HIV and/or AIDS.

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