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Positive Women’s Network-USA envisions a world where women living with HIV can live long, healthy, dignified and productive lives, free from stigma and discrimination. Our mission is to prepare and involve all women living with HIV, in all our diversity, including gender identity and sexual expression, in all levels of policy and decision-making. Every day, we inspire, inform and mobilize women living with HIV to advocate for changes that improve our lives and uphold our rights. In addition to federal advocacy, PWN-USA supports regional chapters at the state and local level and engages in strategic communications.

Become a member of Positive Women's Network - USA! Membership is open to all women living with HIV, including women of trans experience living with HIV.

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Are you ready to fight back against the agenda of a president and Congress working to roll back our human and civil rights? Take the #HIVResists pledge to take action, and we will keep you updated on ways you can take action in your area, online or by phone.

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Get basic information about a variety of approaches to treating the metabolic changes that may result from living with HIV or taking HIV drugs.

Lipodystrophy means abnormal fat changes. This article addresses treatments for fat loss, or lipoatrophy.

Get basic information about lipodystrophy: body shape changes, metabolic complications, and causes and treatment of fat loss and fat gain.