SMART (Sisterhood Mobilized for AIDS/HIV Research & Treatment) started with SMARTUniversity. In 1998, a group of women met in various donated spaces throughout East Harlem, New York to seek knowledge about the reality of being a woman living with HIV/AIDS. Our gender-specific, sequenced educational model emerged from these early classes to provide a holistic approach to treatment and health education for women. At the heart of SMART, our mission is to improve the quality of life for our participants. We believe that knowledgeable and healthy women are the foundation for a strong and healthy community, and our education and leadership programs have evolved throughout the years to address the health disparities inherent in our community.

Nutrition education and access to high quality foods is essential to our vision. We are proud of our unique hands-on approach to nutrition education through our SMART Body class, our cookbook,SMART's Kitchen Table, and our newest initiative, SMART's Food for Life – taking our expertise to a range of special populations throughout New York's District 8.

The world has changed since 1998, and SMART has adapted as well – by creating a similarly safe haven for youth living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. SMART Youth began in 2005, offering a welcoming space to learn crucial health information, accurate and youth-specific sex education, and valuable life skills. Since its inception, SMART Youth has become a resource for schools, clinics, and other youth-centric organizations and hosts weekly facilitated discussions about HIV/AIDS education, sexual and reproductive health, LGBTQ rights and health advocacy.

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