Ciarra Covin

Community Advisory Board Emerita

Ciarra (Ci Ci) Covin, is an 11 year survivor of HIV, diagnosed at the age of 20 in a small rural town in the southern region of the United States. Since her diagnosis, she has found great strength and healing in using her master's degree in Human Services, coupled with raw life experiences, to advocate for those living with HIV.

Ci Ci has been a blogger for The Well Project's A Girl Like Me since 2018, and through the blog, has found an extended family of women also affected by HIV. She has devoted much of her time to raising HIV awareness in her own community with the hope of contributing to the destigmatization of HIV.

According to Ci Ci, we may not be able to cure the virus yet, but we can heal. After all, Healing Is Voluntary and absolutely attainable.

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