Linda H. Scruggs

Board Chair
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Linda Scruggs is the founding director of Ribbon Consulting Group, where along with their members, they provide organizational consulting services to community based organizations, heath departments and hospitals to increase their ability to support and promote healthy communities. Ms. Scruggs has worked in the HIV/AIDS community for nearly 22 years, serving as an AIDS educator, activist, and national and community leader. She has served on numerous committees and boards, both nationally and internationally. She is a founding Alli member of the Positive Women's Network USA and the National Black Woman HIV Network.

Ms. Scruggs has received numerous awards and honors for her work to ensure that communities and individuals have the tools they need to live a healthy and positive life. Her accomplishments include: receiving an Honorable Mention by President Barrack Obama in July 2010; being highlighted in ESSENCE Magazine and CNN; and being a plenary speaker at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC in July 2012.

She believes that through collaborative partnerships and community engagements, we can enhance, rebuild, and restore individuals, organizations, and governments in promoting healthy communities.

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