My name is Barbara Kemigisa. I am a single mother living with HIV in Kampala Uganda Africa. I am 29 years old and have passed through different challenges which affect most of our youth today and get them exposed to HIV. I was sexually abused at 6-11 years of age by my uncles; as a result of this I developed a lifestyle of sexual activities with multiple partners and other habits like drinking alcohol and smoking. My father did not understand what was happening to me and this created strife between us. This forced me to leave home and seek refuge on the streets of Kampala. During this process, I got pregnant and when I went for antenatal care I was found HIV positive. I gave birth to a baby girl who I am looking after single handedly. I was forced to breastfeed her because I could not afford formula, which exposed her to HIV. We are both taking ARVs as we try to give hope to other young people struggling with different challenges, trying to accept who they are to cope with life.

Why Barbara wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: I would like to be part of A Girl Like Me because I feel I represent millions of girls out there in the same situation who cannot speak up and yet are quietly dying with serious challenges. Adding my voice to the many voices out there brings more hope to our community. We get inspired together.

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