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At the age of 22, after being in a monogamous relationship, I was diagnosed with AIDS. Being a college student at Sam Houston State University, looking forward to pledging my favorite sorority, enjoying college life and obtaining a degree were no longer an option for me when coming to the intersection of life and death.

I was told that I would not make it, because my body was just too far gone. With only (2) T cells, my body's natural defense system was almost gone. I had swollen lymph nodes, 98% fluid on my lungs, and all of my muscle mass shifted. After being told that my life may be short lived due to AIDS, I mentally reversed the words that were told to me to the complete opposite. Instead of me believing what was being told to me, that I had AIDS and I was going to die; I put in my mind, just because I have AIDS, I am not going to die and I am going to do everything to live!

Since 2007, I promised the universe to devote my life to sharing my story to help change the lives of others. I knew that everything that I had been through had nothing to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with the change I could be to others. Life with AIDS has not been easy, but the journey on my path of purpose has been the most healing and rewarding experience ever. The ability to be able to share my truth with others is what grounds me to continue to live a healthy and undetectable life of purpose!

Why Kecia wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: The importance for me to write for the A Girl Like Me blog is beyond measure. To be able to add my voice to the platform would give me the opportunity to show other women that their voice matters, despite life's trials and tribulations!

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