I am a Latinx Woman living with an AIDS diagnosis for approximately 3 decades (29 yrs.) I am the Creator/Founder of the Facebook group Thriving at 50 & Beyond HIV. This group is for people living with HIV whom are over the age 50. This group was created to address Social isolation, depression, stigma, U Equals U, PrEP, PEP, Domestic violence and various issues that affect people aging with HIV. I have been affected in many ways living with an AIDS diagnosis, I was told not to tell my family, friends, & neighbors I was living with HIV. Stigma is killing us a lot more faster than HIV  I lived with internal stigma for approximately 6 years, I was ashamed of having HIV due to the perception they had about anyone who had HIV (you were either a drug abuser or a sex worker). Well, no I got HIV from my former husband, he knew he was HIV positive for 2 years - unfortunately for me, he said "Fuck them let them all die" and added me to that equation. Little did he know I used  my anger and pain as a stepping stone into years of resilience. I became stronger mentally, physically & spiritually so I can continue to fight and help others make informative choices  


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