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I am what they call a long term survivor. I have been living with HIV for 25+ years. I have more good days than bad days thank God. I can remember a time when all I had were bad days. I had a very low self esteem. I felt worthless and ashamed. I contracted HIV through unprotected sex. I was young and naive and careless. Today I have my moments when I feel less than, but I brush it off and move on.

I have never talked publicly about my status or disclosed my identity on any social media site. To be quite honest I'm afraid to. I'm afraid of what people outside of the HIV community will say or think about me. Or how it will affect my kids and my partner if I become public. But here I am anonymously sharing my thoughts and feelings about my life with HIV. Stay tuned...

Why BrooklynLatina923 wants to be a part of A Girl Like Me: I believe that sharing my story of coping with HIV for the past 25+ years will help me as much as it will help you and vice versa. As I am encouraged by my peers I too want to be able to encourage others like me. I feel the need to be a part of a community that understands me, a community I can share my life with HIV and not be judged. A community that supports and encourages one another.

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