Health Care Reform

Submitted on Mar 22, 2010 by  katie06

I'm the first to admit that I don't know much about the Health Care Reform Bill.  But I am also the first to shout that we need a change in the U.S. health care system. To live in such a rich and prosperous country, yet have no national healthcare seems outrageous. 

My husband and I are both positive.  We go to the doctor every 4 months for our standard treatment plan.  In addition to this, I also see a physician every 3months for cancer.

We struggle with thousands of dollars in medical bills every year, above and beyond what we pay in insurance.  I have a great job, with outstanding benefits.  Yet, even with my insurance, we pay an incredible price each year.  Every month, we pay hundreds of dollars to our medical bills in an attempt to pay down our balance. 

It does not seem fair that I struggle just to stay alive and to be healthy.  I then need to stress over whether or not I can afford the past due medical bills.  I am very jealous of my friends and coworkers who do not need to worry about their health, or their finances, nearly like I do.  I am so young to be concerned with medical treatments and expenses. 

As stated above, I don't know much about this Health Care Reform Bill, but I certainly hope that it will help all Americans struggling to pay their increasing medical expenses and offer some sort of comfort to aid in the healing and treatment.

Submitted by jae001

i am worried about the government limiting us (positive patients) to what kind of health care we get. Will they give us the newest treatments. Because they are worried about the cost. If I want the newest treatments it should be between me and my doctor. Not some government agency.

Submitted by Flor D. Maldonado

Maybe it might seem unfair for some, others don't want to be told what they should or should not do, but in my case, I am just glad that maybe now my diabetic husband who also uses a CPAP machine to sleep could get some kind of medical treatment now with this new law. My kids got Medicaid and I have medicare for my dissability but ever since my husband got laid off from a good company with benefits in 2003 he has not recieve the appropiate medical treatment for his conditions. I know we are not the only family going through so many predicaments about our medical issues but at least now we could somehow afford it.

Concerned wife,

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