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I educate about HIV everyday and in every way, and still it’s some who say, “It doesn’t take all of that and people are going to do what they want to do. You can’t save the world!"  Yep, you are right, people are going to be people and no one can change them, but we can educate them and provoke change in them. It’s dangerous when a person thinks they know everything and especially when they say, “I can do what I want to do because I am not bothering nobody. It’s my Life, my body, and my future”.  Wrong!

When it comes to your life, and especially your sex life, it is everyone’s business because you are clearly not using safe sex, nor are you telling people about the other people you are sleeping with--and without--a condom!  What you do in your bedroom you can do, but when it comes to being irresponsible, then it becomes a human problem.  How?  Because that one person you are sleeping with or without the condom, they are sleeping with one or two others also!  If you do the math 1+1 does not = 2.  1+1= 8 and then 8+4= 24.  That’s how many people you just slept with. 

Listen, no need to try and convince anyone else that you are living right because the proof is in the pudding!  I get that you answer to no one but you, but the truth of the reality is that you do have to answer to people. Especially when HIV knocks at your door!


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