It's All on You!

Why do we have to keep having these conversations week after week?

Is it too much for one to wear a condom, use protection, or sleep with just one person?

HIV Testing is not like a pregnancy test, nor does it protect you from STIs. It's your job to care about your health just plain and simple. Stop acting like you never heard about the disease or know anyone who has it. Every time you play Russian roulette and may have had a one-night encounter you can't keep running back and getting tested because it is called the "Window Period".

Let's just have a heart to heart talk and find out why you keep doing what you are doing! HIV doesn't care anything about you, but just wants to eat up your T-Cells and leave HIV cells inside of your body. Today, we know that you can live a long time taking your medications and eating and resting properly. So, why are we having this conversation again? Use protection and stop playing with your health. You are the one in charge of your future, your health, and your body. Stop acting like someone else is the reason for your madness.



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