Nitanita's picture
My name is Nitanita. I’m California-born and raised, 55 years old, Black, single, and have two adult kids and two grandkids. I'm a professional currently working in field of behavioral/mental health...
Submitted on : Nov 20, 2023
JustineDD's picture
Did you know getting dressed up is a form of self-care? I literally did not think of it as self-care until now.
Submitted on : Nov 20, 2023
KatieAdsila's picture
As I'm sure many of you know by now that I live with severe depression and anxiety along with ADHD, OCD, and PTSD (damn, that's a lot of alphabet, lol), I can get down pretty easily and sink into the...
Submitted on : Nov 20, 2023
Zora Voyce's picture
Living with HIV, my biggest fear isn't the virus itself; it's the fear of losing control over my own narrative.
Submitted on : Nov 17, 2023
Precious Kaniki's picture
It doesn't matter how you became positive; what matters is how you live your positive life.
Submitted on : Nov 15, 2023
Arianna77's picture
It's crucial to recognize that HIV doesn't discriminate based on gender identity, yet society often does.
Submitted on : Nov 13, 2023
Zora Voyce's picture
Love has a curious way of defying our expectations and leading us down uncharted paths. My journey with Maximo is a testament to this unpredictability, a story of love, acceptance, and personal growth that challenged my beliefs and ultimately enriched my life.
Submitted on : Nov 13, 2023
HIVstigmafighter's picture
Have you ever had a dilemma where you had to choose between what is best for you as a person or for us a HIV community? Last week I had to make such a choice.
Submitted on : Oct 31, 2023
MasoniaTraylor's picture
I'm willing to make the mistakes. It may not feel good when I do, however I learn so much from those mistakes.
Submitted on : Oct 27, 2023
Angel S.'s picture
Meet up with yourself in a whole new way. Change is hard and worth it.
Submitted on : Oct 25, 2023


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