Urgent Need for Unused Unexpired Descovy, Atripla, Reyataz and Other Antiretrovirals


"Here at AID FOR AIDS, we receive ongoing requests from people with HIV in the developing world who urgently need life-saving antiretrovirals. This year we have been helping many Venezuelan refugees who have found themselves without treatment upon arriving in neighboring Colombia. We can help most of the time thanks to the donations of unused unexpired antiretrovirals we receive from across the US. That said, there are times when our inventory for certain antiretrovirals is running low, and we need your help with as many donations of these as you can help us secure. This happens in particular with antiretrovirals that are still widely used in the developing world but less so now in the US. In these cases we still do our best to see if we can locate these and keep our beneficiaries on their treatment.

We are urgently trying to secure donations of unused unexpired Atripla, Descovy, Sustiva, or Reyataz in order to keep over a dozen beneficiaries on treatment in countries around the world."

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